iKALI Academy
A world-class online training & instruction program all for $29 a month!
Here's what's included in your training program:
A New Lesson Every Week Forever
Every week, you'll get a new lesson that will advance your KALI knowledge and expertise.  

100% brand new instructional videos built to support individuals, programs, or classes.
iKALI Live Video Sessions
Live video sessions from Tuhon. 

 You'll get additional feedback, application, training tips, drills, and instruction.
Private Community
A private group where all members can network, share what's working, connect, train, and receive feedback from iKALI Instructors and Tuhon Apolo
Advanced Guides & More
Each lesson is broken down into short small videos that allow you to study at your pace. 

Each course lesson also comes with a detailed student guide so you get everything related to that lesson 
Four New Training Videos Every Month!
Every week, you'll get a new lesson that will advance your KALI knowledge and expertise.  

Each lesson is broken down into several videos so you can learn a significant amount just by watching....but...

You'll get more if you do the exercises! You'll get more if you work with a partner!  
AND...you'll get even more by being a member of the iKALI community!

Every week, you'll receive a series of short videos on the exact technique being taught. Each lesson is broken down to help you learn, help you practice, and then help you apply what you've learned. 

You'll also get the opportunity for LIVE video trainings with your fellow members for the sole purpose of refining your technique to make your training and application that much more effective.  

We're here to take your KALI skills from an occasional activity to an ongoing training program that will complement ANY combative training you currently have.  

We’ll do this by teaching KALI techniques using methods that are focused on student development, stacking of drills that increases repetition and retention, and building the application of "counter" and "re-counter offense" so that each video almost becomes 3 lessons in one.    

This unique approach increases disguised repetitions, develops muscle memory, and keeps your training fun and enjoyable! 

I’d be willing to bet that just this one aspect of our work together can totally revolutionize your blade and KALI skills, and dramatically increase how you practice the Art of Blade.
Implementation & Execution
Every week, your lessons will include training tactics, strategies, and specific drills, tips, and application that’s working RIGHT NOW!

And in order to make 100% sure you can learn the material - implement it - and see results, I’m also giving you weekly LIVE breakthrough sessions where I personally show you how to use everything I’ve given you. 

A typical lesson may include videos that break the KALI technique down into:  

- Footwork needed to put your body, head, and weapon in a place where you're at an advantage
- Strikes (Hands, feet, grip, and what that does to the situation you're in)
-Fundamental technique and how to practice it in a way you'll remember
-The Principle of KALI that applies. You'll get the theory, how it applies, and a way to add it to your knowledge.
-Application (How to drill the technique, how to adapt it into "sparring flows", and how to use it in a real situation)
-Tips & Detail: Once you get past the basic knowledge and repetitions, how do you dial-it-and improve your effectivity.

The bottom line is this: I’m not just telling you what to do. I’m personally showing you exactly how to do it. 

And the reason why is because I think this will get you the results you want even faster …and that’s what this program is all about
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